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At Swinger Gate Company we want you to have complete confidence in our fencing services we provide. The page below has been implemented to answer some of the questions you may have. If you have further questions or we can assist you in any way, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We can be contacted at 817-740-9449. For your convenience, you may also request services from this site.

Does Swinger Gate Company do custom fence work?

Absolutely! Including wrought iron, wooden fences, ornamental fences, picket fences, privacy fences, vinyl fences, and rail fences, our fencing designers can create your fence project that is perfectly suited to your needs and style. Please contact our customer care specialists at 817-740-9449 to schedule your free fencing consultation.

Which fencing style provides the most privacy?

At Swinger Gate Company we believe that a wooden privacy fence provides the greatest level of privacy and security for residential and commercial properties throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex. Our wooden privacy fencing has stockade style panels and provide no space between each board. This means that no one from outside of the property will be able to look in. Our privacy fences are also available in a variety of heights so that they are difficult to climb over.

What are the some advantages of vinyl fencing?

In addition to being extremely weather-resistant vinyl fencing, vinyl fencing never fades or cracks which makes your vinyl fence virtually maintenance free. Your vinyl fence is also environmentally friendly environment because the vinyl fence material is made from high-quality PVC materials. The manufacturing process of the PVC doesn't use any toxic, harmful chemicals and vinyl fencing is often used instead of wood fencing because it does not splinter. This makes vinyl fencing a perfect choice for backyards and play areas where children may be present. To learn further about our vinyl fencing please refer to the vinyl fencing page of this site.
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Should I notify my neighbors about my fence replacement project?

Absolutely! Your neighbors will need to make arrangements regarding their pets. They will probably want to secure their furry family members and their own property. They may also want to remove items from their side of the fence, such as items that are attached to the fence that could be unknowingly damaged or disposed during our fence removal process.

What is your scheduling process?

Our fence consultants at Swinger Gate Company will work with you to schedule your fence project when it is most convenient to your schedule. Though it is our foremost goal to make your process as hassle-free as possible, factors such as our current work load, the size of the project, material availability and the weather may also need to be considered.

Does your crew dig out the old posts and footings?

Yes! With exception of rare unforeseen circumstances, all corners, gates and terminal posts will be dug up and reset in exactly the same spot. Line posts are cut below the grade and the new posts are re-spaced. This is in accordance with regulations as established by the American Fence Association.
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Should we be concerned with deeds and codes relating to our fence or gate?

Yes. Especially if you live in an HOA property you should read your deed and be aware of your local building codes. Some HOA's can restrict fence heights, easements, stain color preferences, and even material types. Our customer care team is experienced with most Dallas, Fort Worth building codes and will be happy to share their knowledge. However, Home Owners Associations can differ from property to property and it is your responsibility to follow established requirements.

Why should I choose Swinger Gate Company for my fence project?

At Swinger Gate Company we don't believe in cutting corners in any way!

Our attention to detail and use of quality products, promises to deliver a fence project that will beautify and increase the value to your home or business. Our experienced fencing team will guide you through your fence selection process, while our team of skilled workmen will complete your new fence with as little disturbance possible. We will also promise to leave your landscape clean and orderly. All of our work is also protected with a written guarantee. We invite you to check out the testimonial page of this site and see for yourself how Swinger Gate Company has been proud to earn satisfied customers throughout the years. Please contact Swinger Gate Company and tell us how we can earn your business too!

My fence was damaged in a storm. What do I need to do?

Most importantly, our storm damage specialists at Swinger Gate Company suggest that you not contact your insurance company before you have had an estimate of damages!

Why? Usually, your fence can be repaired for less than the deductable. In addition, if you contact your insurance company and then discover that your fence can be repaired for less than your deductable, your initial contact with the insurance company will still count as a claim. Most insurance companies will cancel your insurance after three claims. Once we have completed your estimate then you can make a decision to contact your insurance company or not!
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What considerations should I make when choosing an ornamental iron fence?

Though design and appearance is important, you should also make sure that your investment in ornamental fencing means that your new fence has been galvanized and powder coated. This will prevent corrosion for years after your fence has been installed. Including our extensive warranty, you can also be rest assured that your ornamental fence designed and installed by Swinger Gate Company has been both galvanized and powder coated.

Security is a major reason why I am choosing a chain link fence. What should I consider?

When used for security purposes your chain link fence should be made of a minimum of 9 gauge wire. In addition, the rails and posts should be at least 17 gauge material. Your posts should also be set in concrete and your gate be welded to keep it rigid for many years of service.

Will staining increase the life of my wood fence?

Staining and sealing protects the natural oils and fibers of the wood. Without the protection of staining and sealing the wood will turn grey because the oils are being removed by the sun and rain. Please don�t hesitate to contact our customer care team regarding your fence staining needs.
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We hope this page has answered some of your questions. If you have any further questions our customer care team is eager to assist your needs. Please contact Swinger Gate Company at 817-740-9449. For your convenience, you may also request services from this site.

Thank you for your interest in Swinger Gate Company. We look forward to serving you soon!

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